Monday, August 24

They are not forgotten - I just can't do it!

When you are pregnant, there are lots of things you cannot do anymore. No matter how much you wanted it, sometimes you just have learn how to let go. Gardening is one of the things I love most, love to plant flowers, talk to them and water them everyday. Now that I am pregnant, it is quite difficult to bend and pull those weeds out in my plants territory. I just can't take good care of them anymore. The only thing I can do is water them, but I know that it is not enough.

Look at this flower above, it is beautiful right ? Yes, because it received a lot of tender loving care from its owner. Unfortunately this is not from my garden! I took this picture from my neighbors garden yesterday. LOL

Below is the picture of my plant that is almost dying :-(

This is the worst of it, dead. :-(

I feel so sad looking at them, but then little I could do about it. I just promised myself that next summer I will overhaul our garden.

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