Sunday, August 23

Her Love of Music is Certain

I mentioned on my previous post how much Gabz love to play musical instrument and how she could easily hum a song she heard. Today, while walking at the mall, we passed through the lounge area of Nordstrom where a woman was playing the piano. Gabz suddenly stop, listen and looked intently at the piano. She saw a lot of piano in the mall, but it was her first time to see a person playing the piano and I think she likes it. We were there for 10 minutes until the woman finished playing the music. Then off we go to continue our window shopping.

On our way home, she suddenly asked me, if where is her Dad. I told her that he is somewhere else. She said, "Is he buying a piano for me?" I was surprised to hear that she wanted to have a piano! I explained to her that we cannot buy a piano right now because she is still little and that when she is old enough, we can enroll her to a piano class if she wanted too.

Her Dad loves music ever since I met him. He always told me that when Gabz is old enough, he will enroll her to a piano lesson. It has been his dream that one day one of his kids can learn the piano chords and play the piano. I do not object as long as the kids will show interest and will not be force into something they did not love.

I guess it will be easy, with Gabz showing her interest in music as early as now. I just hope that this is not one of those transitory stages of a toddler.

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