Wednesday, September 2

Gabz first visit @ the Dentist

Yesterday, Gabz had her first visit at the Dentist office. Prior to the doctor's visit, I was telling her that we need to go to the doctor so she can check if her teeth have worms and cavities. She loves to brush her teeth and sometimes she flossed too. But the thing is she wants to do it by herself, especially the flossing.

So, when we were at the doctors' office, she had her picture taken with a big smile on her face. The doctor let her sat at the big chair and introduced a game. She made up a game of magic straw, Mr. Tooth Tickler, Mr. Wind and Mr. Squirt. She was having fun playing. She chooses what color of toothbrush to use and flavor of toothpaste. She was so proud of her new toothbrush. Even when they were trying to get an x-ray of her teeth, she was giggling, because the doctor is so silly she said. Throughout the x-ray process, I was just outside the door watching her. I could see that she was not afraid nor any apprehension on what is going on.

All in all, she did a good job! She was so proud that her teeth had neither worms nor cavities. The doctor gave her a toy magic wand as a reward for her good behavior. She keeps showing her pearly white teeth to her Lola and Lolo while we were on the car going home.


Dorothy L said...

Mel you are a good mom. It is so important to introduce children to the dentist early. They only know what they are taught.

It will also save her much pain and you money down the road :)

eva said...

I want to have the toy magic wand too. hehehe just kidding!


Tetcha said...

What a brave young lady Gabz is. I think we should also credit her dentist for being playful and "silly," which put Gabz at ease.