Friday, September 4

My Kitchen Wish List

People who love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen will fall in love with a house or place that has a kitchen that is fully equipped. I remember when we were shopping for a house, one of the decisive factors is to have a beautiful kitchen with built in cabinets, granite counter tops, built in appliances and an island counter. And I got all of these features in our house. You are inspired to cook when you have all the things you need right beside you. But of course not all the kitchen appliances are there, there are a lot more I need to buy.

Just like this slow cooker below, I wanted to buy one of this a long time ago. You know why? Because when you have kids, and a house you always have to juggle your time, this slow cooker helps a lot. It saves you time in cooking at the same time does not sacrifice the quality of food you serve for your family. Especially with my husband who always wanted to have his food serve warm.

Another appliance I wish we have is a built in trash compactor. Just like this one, isn't it neat?
It would be nice not to smell those left over that you stash in the waste basket. I don't have to argue with my husband if who will empty the trash every evening. This trash compactor will make my life a little bit better.

So, if you are shopping for kitchen appliances like me, try to shop online. Try to find a good website that carries more products because if they do it means great deals and great savings for you.

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