Monday, September 14

My Seafood Kare Kare

Have you heard of Seafood Kare Kare? Kare kare is one of the famous dish in Philippines, made of Beef or Beef stripe. When we were visiting some friends in LA, they brought us in this Filipino restaurant who serve the famous Seafood Kare kare. I never heard of seafood kare kare before that, so I was quite curious. And when I tried it, oh men! I said to myself I have to learn how to cook this one. It was so yummy! So, when we came back here in Seattle, I bought some seafood and kare kare mix, and here it goes! My husband love it, so I must have cooked it right.

Ingredients is very simple:

chicken breast
long beans
kare kare mix
peanut butter

Just follow the instructions on how to cooked at the back of Mama Sita's Kare kare mix, and you are good to go.


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