Friday, September 11

My Next Project

Summer is always a good season to enjoy life outdoor. You can do a lot of activities outside with your family; either going to camping, hiking, going to the beach or having barbecue with your friends in the backyard. It is always nice to entertain friends in your house just to catch up on things and relax.

We Filipinos, love to gather always over food, karaoke and little talk. Now that we just bought a house, my husband loves to invite friends over. How I wish we have Patio Dining Sets so we can have dinner with friends outdoor and enjoy the summer heat here in Seattle, that last only for three months.

This Wicker Furniture is ideal for our patio. Aside from being chic and elegant, can be use inside the house too once summer is over. Being a person who came from a tropical country, I love wicker, or what we called native furniture. It makes you feel in touch with nature and enjoy outdoor atmosphere.

Now, I know what my next project will be, to save money and buy a nice, good outdoor furniture for our patio. So, when summer comes, we can entertain our friends and relatives over barbecue, wine or just a cup of coffee.

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madz said...

Yes, we really spend most of our chit-chat times over food :) Maybe that's the reason why I find it hard to diet :P

Good that it is summer in your place. It's been raining for a week now here in our country. I even failed to participate in the Fun Run I had registered with, simply because it is raining.