Tuesday, September 22

Not blogging for the time being....

Hello guys, it's been a week now since I last updated my blog. I feel so crappy, not in the mood to think and even blog hop. I felt pain everywhere and contractions just come and go. I'm sure all mommies out there, knows what I'm talking about. I am supposed to deliver my baby 17th of this month but until now I am still here. She is still taking her time, she is the master of her own schedule and no words, nor exercise can let her come out.

My doctor scheduled an Induction of Labor this Thursday....but I am still hoping that she will come out on her own before Thursday.

Please pray for us.....

I will be back after I gave birth :-)


Us said...

Talk to your baby mel para lumabas na siya, kasi parang mas masakit yata ang induced ahh dont know... nakikinig yang si baby adrienne. Pray for you sis, and hope lumabas na si baby tonight para mawala na worry ni mommy.

Dorothy L said...

Hey Mel...she certainly does sound like she has a mind of her own. She is just too comfy in your tummy to be bothered to leave :)

She will be with you soon enough.

Good luck!

DhoyM said...

Good Luck! I'm pretty sure you can no longer read this message today. Congratulations too! TC

Mother by Design said...

Praying for a safe birth of a healthy baby!

eva said...

Hi melanie! I hope you'll have safe delivery. me naman sa next month pa due ko. =) take care. i'll pray for you.