Friday, October 23

Could she be a witch this Halloween?

Until now, I cannot make up my mind what will be Gabz costume this Halloween :-( I keep asking her if she wants to be a witch. Firmly and adamantly said NO! Who wants to be a witch anyway? Maybe Mommy wants to be a witch this Halloween :-)

Have you bought your kids costumes already ? Any good suggestions? I want something unique this time. Two years ago, on her first trick or treat she wore a tiger costume, she was so cute back then. Then last year she was super girl, sexy little thing! She wants to be a princess this time, but I was thinking that it will be quite chilly during the trick or treat for that costume ! Maybe I can buy a cape or something and let her wear thermal shirt inside. Maybe, but have not made up my mind yet. Let us see :-)

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gracious said...

how about a gypsy?