Friday, October 23

Watch your favorite TV shows any time with Charter

Would you believe that I watched my favorite TV shows CSI and NCIS at 3am ? Yes, that's right at 3am. I have been a fanatic of CSI for many years now. I watched it every Thursday night and if I missed it I watched it in On Demand when I have time. On Demand is really great because I can watch any shows that I missed on my own schedule. Now that I have a new baby, I do not have so much time for a lot of things, which includes watching TV. I grab any available time to do household chores and taking good care of my other daughter.

If I do not have time watching my favorite TV shows how much more in watching a movie? The last movie I watched was four years ago. Setting aside movies where we could bring the kids in the theater. If you are a mommy who has the same problem as mine, Charter can help us. With Charter, we can watch movies any time we want with their Pay-Per-View movies. They have over than 6,000 movies and shows to watch at your own convenience. You don't have to go to the theater anymore or go rent a movie. With one click of a button, you can watch your TV shows or movies anytime with Charter! You can learn more at

The same thing goes with Gabz who wants to watch Little Einstein, Dora or Blues Clue any time of the day. With On Demand she can watch all these shows any time.

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