Monday, November 9

Get Direct TV for your business

I was scanning through our mails yesterday trying to get some coupons and deals I could used. Came across a Direct TV fliers and could not help reading it. I was surprised to learn that their premier package has a lot more channels than the other provider. I think that is why I could see a lot of Direct TV satellite dish in our neighborhood. Direct TV is good not only for homeowners but for business owners too. Just imagine if you have Direct TV in your coffee shop or bar, your customer can truly enjoy the wide range of Direct TV programming, including sports, news, music and more. It will keep your customers entertained while waiting, shop or just hanging out. Direct TV Business will surely boost your business ratings and customer satisfaction. It means more profit for you! They have special Directtv business package just for every business owners. Give Direct TV a call and find out more about Direct TV for Business.

Direct TV has a lot more to offer. They have XM Satellite radio, more HD channels, exclusive sports channels, and more. They also have a new program called DirectTV Business Referral Program. You get a $100 bonus every time you refer Direct TV to any business. Of course the business owner needs to activate the service too before you can get your bonus. Same thing works if you do not have Direct TV yet, you get a $100 bonus if a Direct TV subscriber referred you to Direct TV.

Call now and start enjoying the benefits Direct TV can bring to your business!

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