Monday, November 9

Have you ever used Pacifier for your baby?

Some people believe that Pacifier is not good for your baby. Some says, it helps them put the baby to sleep or calm the baby. What is your stand on the issue? Are you gonna use pacifier to your baby or not?

When Gabz was born, I have tried a couple of times to give her pacifier when she was fussy and all the tricks I have does not work. But she totally dislike it! She tried it a minute or two, but just spit it out and would never sucked it again. This is totally different with Andi. A week after I gave birth, I gave her pacifier because she wanted to sucked my nipple all night long! What I am trying to say is, each babies are different, some have strong sucking reflex and some are not.
Pacifier has it's pros and cons. So it is up to you to decide if the advantages out weight the disadvantages.

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