Friday, November 13

Going for a vacation this Holiday?

Holiday is usually the season where we spend time with families. A lot of families go for vacation inside or outside the country just to spend quality time with their love ones or to get away from their busy schedule. Some people try to find a vacation home rental rather than hotel for the duration of their vacation.

A few months ago, my family together with our friends went for a three days vacation at Lake Chelan here in Washington State. We planned our vacation a few months before because of the big number of people coming. We had a hard time looking for a place to stay since hotel is not an option. We tried to find a vacation home rental in Lake Chelan that could accommodate the big number of our group. Finally we found a Duplex property that can accommodate twenty three people. It was a perfect place for us! We rented a boat and explore the magnificent view of Lake Chelan and its neighboring places. Every body had a blast and was looking forward to the next group vacation.

This coming December my brother in law will be coming here in the US for Christmas. My parents in law are here too for the holidays. Since it happened so seldom that my husband families are coming over, we decided to go somewhere for a vacation. This time, we are going to Las Vegas! Hooray, Las Vegas here we come! I have been to Las vegas a couple of times but never get tired of it. Aside from the strip and the casino, Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam is on our list too. I was hoping that vacation home rental could help us with our lodging. I was browsing through their website and found a lot of ideal properties along the strip and near the airport. Still have to check their rates if it fits to our budget. Can't wait for December to come!

If you are planning a vacation with your family and friends, try browsing through vacation home, you might be able to find some affordable and ideal place to stay.

Enjoy the holidays !!

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