Tuesday, November 24

The hand....the touch...

The Hand, The Touch.... Do you believe that a simple act of touch could give a thousand feelings and emotions towards other people? Some people believed that a touch has a healing power, it reduces stress, anxiety and tension. A hug and a simple pat in the back could tell the person, that everything will be ok. It lift your spirit, it boost your confidence, it give you strenght. A simple massage could helps your body relax and that is the power of touch. The effect of touch is very powerful without us knowing it. We touch without giving so much effort thus the effect is so much more. Babies love the touch of their parents. Some people say that parents who massage, cuddle, and touch their babies often grow up to be a loving person. I don't say that it is true, but I love touching my baby often, simply because I love the feeling of her skin touching my skin.

So, if you believe in the power of touch, start by hugging your kids often, rubbing your husbands back, kissing your friends on the cheek or just a simple handshake. A touch is a simple gift you can give to a person for free. Who knows someone might need it today!

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