Tuesday, November 24

Second Car for my family

I dropped my husband at the bus stop this morning and will pick him up later in the afternoon. After lunch I have to bring my daughter to school and pick her up two and half hours later. This is my daily routine. I served as a school bus for my family simply because we only have one car. Me and my husband was talking about getting a second car, because we spent a lot of money in gas. Since we don't have enough money for a brand new car and certainly could not afford to have another monthly bill, we were thinking of getting a used car. Used cars are good because it is way cheaper than brand new and you don't have to pay monthly payment if you pay in cash. Most people buy used cars for their second car. It will be ideal for us because I just need it to drop off and pick up my daughter in school. Right now, we are still trying to save some money for that second car. Hopefully we could buy one soon.

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