Monday, November 16

He cannot make up his mind...

I have been sending email back and forth with Gabz Godfather these past few days. He kept asking me what he could buy for Gabz this coming Christmas. He could not make up his mind if he will buy clothes, toys, a gift card or just send money for Gabz. He is a single guy who has no idea what a toddler wants this Christmas. Aside from that, he is so busy with work and does not have time to shop around for presents. I was telling him that to make his life easier he could send a gift card.

Gift Cards are very convenient when you are miles away and needs to give something for kids or love ones. With gift cards you don't have to worry if the kids will love the present you send. They have the luxury of buying any items they want if they receive a gift card. If you send gifts, you still have to pay for the shipping and stuff. Every year I used to send gifts to other kids across the country. Last year though I tried to make it simple and hassle free. I sent gift cards instead! offers a different type of gift cards. They have gift cards for kids, mom, dad, girlfriends and for everyone else. Visit and check out their selection of gift cards.

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Hi ms. melanie, i have an award for you and i hope you’ll accept it. thanks in advance! :)