Wednesday, November 18

Wishing for a Green egg grills this holiday

Cooking is one thing I am beginning to love. I do not know how to cook before, but when I got married and have a family of my own, I learned how to cook with the help of various recipe books. Now that we have a house, I can tell you that we host a party almost every month. Sometimes I ran out of ideas what to prepare or what to cook. This coming Thanksgiving, my husband decided to invite some of our friends to have Thanksgiving dinner in the house. Usually, we serve Filipino food or sometimes I cook something from my Mediterranean recipe book. How I wish we have green egg grills so I could make our own hamburger ban. I'm sure our friends will be impressed because they only eat hamburger from fast food chains and never been homemade. Just imagine the smell of the house when you cook that burger ban. Hmmm, I'm sure not only you who will get hungry when you smell it, but your neighbors too! Green egg grills is not only good on the holidays, but will be perfect for the summer too. Grilled meat and burgers are perfect for picnic and a day at the Lake!

How I wish someone will give this green egg grills to me this holiday. Who knows?

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Viviana said...

Hi, it's the same story with me. I learn to cook after I get married. I chose your blog for best blog award, please check it out in my blog. Thanks