Wednesday, November 18

Mom's Balancing Act

As a mother, our day to day activities are quite overwhelming. You always have to juggle household chores, errands and kids. Sometimes you feel like your life has no balance anymore. I was reading through my e-mail this morning and came across this article from Strong Moms. I thought of sharing this with you, it might help a little.

A simple tip on how to find balance in your day:

1. Write your task down. I always do this, so I will not forget things. It helps as well to prioritize things.

2. Preparing the night before. Sometimes I tried to clean up the house before we go to bed. Clean and prepare all of Andi's bottle for the next day. But if too tired just the kitchen. But it helps, because you can start a new routine on the next day.

3. Calling or asking for help. I am so lucky that my parents in law are here. They help me with the baby while I drop off and pick Gabz in school or run errands. Otherwise, I asked our good friend and neighbor Maricel to do something for me.

4. Grabbing on the go food for you and the baby. Better to have something in your bag always to nibble in case you will not have time to grab something.

These are simple things, yet could make a big difference in our day to day activities. It could make our life simpler and better.

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Moon Loh said...

These are all the helpful moms tips and I totally agree with the points. I personally use the few tips such as write my task down, prepare the night before and don't hesitate to call for help when needed. It really helps! :)
Great Sharing!