Monday, December 21

Bonding Time

The best way to spend time with family, trying to do the 3d puzzle brought by Kuya Bong from Australia. We had so much fun!

My husband pretending as if he already got a headache trying to solve this complicated puzzle. Did I mention that it is a 500 pcs 3D puzzle? This is 3D and that makes it more complicated.

Up to this moment, we are still doing it. I will post a finish picture sometime this week. Who knows how many days it would take for us to finish this.


MinnieRunner said...

Wow! It looks really great for family bonding. And 3D puzzle seem to be a perfect gift :)

Angel said...

Oh gosh.. I hate doing this kind of puzzle. I'd rather buy the completed ones at the shop. Some of the scenes are beautiful but needing to pick up every piece and place them together just kills me. But then again, if this is a family project, it can surely be something fun to make the bonds stronger.. :)

santhy said...

Merry Christmas!

jogz said...

Seems that your family is really enjoying building up the puzzle! It's really a mind-twisting game. Haha! Anyway, I hope you'll be able to finish it soon and let us see the output C:

philly5113 said...

Yeah, board games are really good tools for family fun. Puzzles are such excellent bonding and conversation pieces. I still enjoy board games with the family.

Happy Thoughts said...

That's so much fun and a good bonding for your family. :)

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Mommy Diary said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! ^^

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