Saturday, January 2

Are you moving again?

Have you ever tried moving from one place to another twice or three times a year? That would be crazy right? Not to mention all the hassle, fatigue, stress and bone breaking hurling those big boxes. I cannot imagine how I was able to do that!

A few years back when my husband was still doing consulting job, we moved from one state to another twice or sometimes four times a year. There came a time when we stayed at one state for only a month or two. Our hotel room or apartment was always full of those big boxes. Thank goodness, we are so done with all of that when we decided to settle down here in Seattle. Moving into a new place is not a joke. So, if you are planning to move for example in Los Angeles, try to consider hiring a moving company who specializes in moving household stuff and who has professional and trained people to handle all your stuff. Moving Company Los Angeles could help you. Avoid all the hassle and headache and instead focus your energy making your family feels at home into the new place. Moving companies Los Angeles can make your life easier. Are you moving on a last minute notice? I think they can accommodate you, you can always check from them.

You can get a free estimate prior to your move by simply calling their toll free number 1-800-431-3920.


Joe "The Connector" Kennedy said...

It definitely would be nice to be able to use movers, but they can be very expensive. I couldn't believe the quotes I received when moving back to Bellevue from Del Mar (San Diego) five years ago.

A.Marie said...

Hi there! I found you when I was on Entrecard! Lovely blog and great posts...I'll definitely be back! :)