Saturday, January 2

Looking forward to 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Hope every body had a blast celebrating their New Year. I was so busy these past few days or rather week, with all the holiday preparations and celebrations. My parents in law are here and one brother in law came to celebrate Christmas and New Year with us. With all the guests, our days are always full. Not a single day that we don't go out to tour them around or simply went shopping.

We went to Last Vegas for four days and we had a great time at the same time so exhausting that I got sick when we came back. First day of 2010 and I am not feeling so well due to fatigue, stress, cold weather, etc. My body just gave up on me :-( But still I am here blogging :-)

I will be posting some pictures in a couple of days :-) Have fun welcoming 2010!

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shydub said...

Happy new 2010 year Mel. Best of luck the whole year.