Friday, January 22

Lolo was hospitalized

We rushed my father in law in the emergency room the other day because he feels numbness in the right side of his body. At first we though that it was just his every day numbness. He felt numbness in his feet most of the time because of his diabetes. But when I saw him walking he limp and he was dragging his right leg, first thing that came into my mind was, he was having symptoms of stroke. I told him that we need to go to the doctor, but he told me he is ok. My instinct tells me differently. We brought him to the doctor at 2:00pm and found out that his sugar level is extremely high, 390. Most people go comatose when they reached 400. We immediately brought him to the ER. Later on, we found out that his blood pressure and cholesterol are over the edge and he is experiencing symptoms of mild stroke. They ran series of test and has to spent overnight at the hospital. Good thing all the test results came back negative, but was asked to stop smoking, drinking and has to watched his diet.

We went home after 24 hours of stay at the hospital. He still felt numbness but not too much anymore. He was given meds for his diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Good thing we brought him at the hospital earlier, otherwise Gods knows what will happen to him if we did not.

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