Monday, January 25

she is 4!

We celebrated Gabz birthday last Saturday night. We prepared a small party for her. She has Tinker Bell cake, a balloon and Pinata princess. She wears a crown too, because she wants to be a Princess on that day.

I just can't imagine that my baby is now four years old! Whew! time flies so fast indeed.

Look at the board, on how she wrote down the Happy Birthday Gabby and Mommy. Actually, we both celebrated our birthday because it is only a few days interval.

Below is the classic Pinata game. She enjoyed it a lot and love the princess Pinata that I bought.

Time to blow that Tinker Bell cake! She really wanted a princess cake but then the design is not so nice, so I changed it to Tinker Bell, she doesn't mind at all because it was so pretty.
When she got tired, she told me that she wants to go to bed even though most of her friends are still around. Poor little girl! I asked her though if she had fun and she said " Mommy, thank you, I love my birthday party. Can you tell Daddy that I am going to sleep now?" It means her Dad needs to say goodnight.

And off she went to slumber happily.


Karen said...

happy birthday to your little princess!

Marly said...

Happy birthday from Bright Bundles!

Mr. Stupid said...

Belated birthday wishes to her. She sure does look like a princess. That's a really cute and colorful cake.
Have a wonderful day!:)

Jona said...

i like her dress. it looks so dalaga :D great job on the party!
btw, i hopped from Lulu's blog. can I invite you to With Love Wednesday, where we share about the love of our lives. thanks!

Cacai M. said...

Belated Happy birthday to your pretty daughter Gabz Te Mel.. have a good day!