Monday, February 8


We went to the doctor this afternoon because Gabz has been sick for a while. She has cough and colds for more than a week now and has low running fever since Thursday. I was quite concerned and thinking that she might have an infection. Off we go to the doctor with baby Andi in tow, and it was a viral flu. Her pediatrician asked me to start using Albuterol again (she has been using that ever since she was one year old) to loosen her cough and wheezing. A prescription of antibiotic too! When we were at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that they received a lot of antibiotic prescriptions for kids today. I am not so sure if this is because of the weather that is going crazy or there is a virus that is going around.

Everybody knows how difficult it is when your kids is sick and you have a four months old baby. Andi has been coughing a little bit, but I am hoping that it will just go away soon.

Have been using humidifier all day and night. It helps a little bit.

Hope this cough and colds will go away soon. Gabz has been missing school and all she did was to lay down at the couch and watched TV. My poor babies :-(

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