Monday, February 8


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These are some of my baby products coupon collections. Some of them are in the car or in my bag in case I forget to bring one before I leave the house. I started to become a coupon lady a few years ago when I realized how expensive baby formulas and products were. If you are diligent in reading and sorting all the papers in the mail, you will find tons of coupons. Of course this is aside from the coupons and discounts you received everyday in your emails. Coupons are great way to save a lot of money. Who would not want a $3 or $5 dollar discount in one item you purchased or a 20% discount on all your purchases? Everybody loves discounts!

Just like baby formula for instance, everybody knows how expensive baby formulas is. If you are or your baby is a fan of store brand baby formula you can go to to have some coupons. Just answer Baby Formula Quiz (seven questions) and you can earn a baby formula coupon or win a can of baby formula. I tried the quiz and I got 5 correct answers out of seven! But it does not matter because they will still send you your coupons.

Another way to get store-brand formula coupon is through All you have to do is complete the Name and address form and they will instantly send you coupons. You’ll find store brands of infant formula at major retailers such as Kmart, Target, and Walmart. As per FDA regulations, all formula marketed in the U.S. must meet the same basic nutrient specifications.

Check out that coupons now and start saving money on your baby formula!

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