Friday, February 5

Birthday Present

I was surprised to received a package from Amazon yesterday. I thought it was another extra things that my hubsand bought from Amazon. But then I wondered why it was adressed for me?

When I opened it, it contains books! Read the message and it came from my brother in law who resides in Australia. He sent these books as my birthday present. I was glad, because books always makes me smile. My husband knows that, everytime I am upset or down, he simply buy me books to lift my spirit.

My brother in law was the one who told me about the book "Born in a blue day" by Daniel Tamett. As I was going through with these books I could say that they are all good read. These are all true stories, a memoir of an individual.

My reading schedule become scarce now a days, but could still find time to read a few pages before the day ends.
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eva said...

wow! great books you have there. happy birthday!


Dhemz said... sweet of your BIL, kite runner is a good book...I am currently reading this book....looking forward to see the movie....:) a great true to life story!

feels great to be here again...sensya na po at ngayon lang me nakadalaw....jet lag kasi eh....:)