Friday, February 5

Let us save the children!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Cryo-Cell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last month the world was dumbfounded by the tragedy that struck Haiti because of earthquake. Thousands of people died, lost their homes and separated from their families. Children become homeless, orphaned or got separated from their parents and relatives. In every tragedy, these children are the most vulnerable to exploitation, human trafficking or emotional distress. They are defenseless, that is why it is our duty as a person to help them. Hundreds of people are extending their helping hand to help and protect these children with their everyday needs.
Help was pouring from all over the world to help save the children in Haiti.

Cryo-cell will donate $25 from each enrollment to the "Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund". So if you store your baby's umbilical cord with Cryo-cell, you also help the children of Haiti.

Cord blood banking has been an issue to most parents. Either to bank or not to bank your baby's cords blood. Most parents weigh its benefits versus the amount of money they will spend on banking their baby's cord blood. Banking your baby's cord blood will benefit and save lives, not only you and your family, but other people too. Stem cells from your baby's cord blood can be use to cure illnesses such as childhood cancers, blood diseases and immune system disorders. There is an ongoing study that U-cord stem cells may be utilized to rebuild cardiac tissue, repair damage due to stroke or spinal cord injury. If you bank your baby's cord blood you have a special access to these technologies in the future.

Cord blood banking is getting popular for many years now. People are becoming more knowledgeable and well informed how cord blood banking could benefit them in the future. Try to do some research of your own and find out more about stem cell research and cord blood banking.

Protect the future of your families; enroll now and save the lives of children in Haiti.

Visit my sponsor: Hope for Haiti - Save the Children

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