Thursday, February 4

Born on a Blue Day

This is one of the best book I have read. I love books in general, fiction, true story even recipe book! Book is my way of escaping my every day routine, this is the only place where I could be in a different world, inside the book I am reading.

Born on a blue day is a memoir of Daniel Tamett, an autistic savant who later on in life diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. This book will tell you how he was able to become a person he is now. How he struggle, persevere and become successful throughout his life and career. He used his abilities and skills to encourage and let people know how an autistic person could still live a normal life.

With his abilities, he was able to create his own language called Manti. He can learn a new language in just a week and could speak them like a local. Tammet also holds the European record for reciting pi from memory to 22,514 digits in five hours and nine minutes.

Born on a blue day was a New York Times bestseller and named "Best Book for Young Adults". This is a very inspiring book and very much recommended if you know someone who is autistic. This will definitely help you understand the person better. I learned a lot from this book.

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