Wednesday, February 3

Check out Charter's New Deal!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you still using this telephone for your Internet connection? Could you still remember that buzzing sound of the dial up every time you wanted to visit the Internet?

When I first came here in America, I was so amazed and overwhelmed how fast paced life here. Everything happens in a push of a button. Just like doing laundry, heating food, instant dinners, baking cookies and banking online. People lived in fast food chains, take out dinners or drive through food. Everything is fast; people could not tolerate cues, lines or anything for that matter that is slow. And who wants slow? Nobody right? Why would you wait for something in an hour when you can have it in minutes? For a mother like me who schedules everything every day, time is essential. I always need something fast, because my baby is going to wake up in 30 minutes or my daughter will arrived from school anytime now.

Internet has helped me save time and do things very quickly. With Charter you don't have to wait for that progress bar when doing your online banking, paying bills, shopping, or downloading your favorite program or videos. You don't waste your precious time watching blank screens and progress bar inching along. This is how we do things now, fast, quick and easy!

Can you imagine yourself going back to dial up? Watching the bar buffering...buffering...buffering? I don't think so. People now a days hate to wait. We don't tolerate slow. Let us stop waiting and get going and be more productive. Let's turn this nation of blank-faced lingering into a productive society again. Let's stop waiting. Let's start doing!

Charter is now offering High Speed Internet for only 19.99 a month. Get ahead by getting the speed your crave and the instant gratification you demand in your life! It is secure, reliable and most of all they will install it for free.


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