Tuesday, February 16

A Bugsy weekend!

Valentines weekend, we went to downtown Seattle to treat Gabz to Seattle Bugs Safari. When you heard of Safari, your first impression is that it is huge and lots of bugs. Unfortunately, the said Bug Safari was just a small room that contains around 10 glass boxes with Centipedes, Tarantulas, cockroaches, Beetles, etc.

Here is Gabz and her dad trying to take a peek at the Tarantula hiding under a twig.

A glass box containing giant cockroaches from somewhere around the world.

Gabz playing with the magnifying glass to see a Blue Beetle.

All in all, it was very disappointing. We spent the rest of hours walking along the street of Pike Market. I ended up buying a lot of flowers, both fresh and dried.

Hubby was not so happy with the parking fee, it was so expensive :-(

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