Sunday, February 21

Family Hike

Saturday was a perfect day for walking, hiking or any outdoor activity. My family settled for a 2 mile hike in Coal Creek Trail in Bellevue. Here are a few pics during our hike.

Getting ready for the hike.
A family picture in the middle of the forest!

The girls with their Dad.

Someone is taking a nap!

Slippery bridge.

She was tired and hungry ! She wants McDonalds :-)


Dhemz said...

my outdoor! ganda ng pics nyo te....very clear!

waaaaaa...bundled up si Andy at nakatulog pa...ehehehe!super ate na talaga si Gabz....:)

looks like you guys had a great time hiking.....:)

shydub said...

Aba si baby andi nag lakwatsa na ang liit pa hehehe. wow mel, thats a great exercise and fun family time.

In my Journey said...

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thank you

baili said...

wow pics are sooooo beautiful and your kids are so cute have a wonderful life

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