Wednesday, February 24

Direct TV for Business

Yesterday I asked my husband if we could have dinner outside because I felt so tired to cook. I have been juggling my daughter to school with my 5 months old in tow and doing errands the whole day. It felt so exhausted after the end of the day. Anyway, we decided to meet at the restaurant near their office since it was the most convenient one at the same time the steak there is great. I brought the kids with me and we were there quarter to five thinking that that he will be out in the office at 5:00 sharp. After 10 minutes of sitting in there, he suddenly called and informed me that he will be quite late because his boss asked him to finish something. That just great because he could not say no and I could not do anything about it. Well, I ordered something for the kids and grab a crayon and paper to keep them entertained. It was a good thing because this restaurant has Business Satellite TV and there is a game of basketball in their TV screen. I love to watch basketball and that helps me pass the time while waiting for my husband. I think restaurants, bars, doctor's offices, etc. should have Commercial Satellite TV to help their clients and customer pass the time while waiting. Not all customers love to wait; some people will just go instead of waiting in a lobby or waiting area. If that is the case your business is losing clients and customers. In this economic tough time, you could not afford that. You need more clients and customers every day. If I were you, try to get a DIRECT TV Business Account now to help boost your business.

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