Friday, February 26

How to make the food to stay fresh?

I was browsing news at Yahoo the other day and came across with this one. A Food Vacuum to make your food stay fresh. Hmmm, I have not though about that? We always bought food that is good for two weeks or more so I don't have to go to the grocery often. At the same time I save a lot of money with that. I always make my weekly menu and grocery list before I headed to the grocery store. I that way, I don't spend so much time thinking what to buy at the same time spending money on the things I don't need.

Food vacuum seems like a good idea, food will not easily get spoiled. I am telling you, we throw a few rotten food from time to time. I just could not help it, me and my husband are not big eater. But I throw a lot of vegetables because they don't last that long. I tried to wrap them in newspaper to make it last but it is not working!

Maybe the next time I go out, I have to check how much this food vacuum cost. This might be worth buying. How do you make your food stay fresh anyway? Any tips for me?

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