Tuesday, February 2

I had a hot stone massage

Hubby surprised me with an early appointment at a massage center. I had a hot stone massage on my birthday! He made a 120 minutes massage reservation for me at Bellevue Massage center. Oh, I love massage a lot! But it was my first time to have a hot stone massage. I loved the traditional Swedish massage though. But it was good to try something different.

Beside the massage, I had a manicure and pedicure with foot spa as well. Hmm, my day feels so much better and it feels so good :-) I felt like I was dreaming, it has been a long time since I pampered myself like this. Only in Philippines I could do things like these. It was my birthday indeed and I was so happy!

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Riza said...

I haven't tried the hot stone, but I had a body wrap treatment one time, I loved it but I just had a lot of things to do before I can make a repeat performance heheeh! I get a foot spa, mani and pedi every second friday and yes it is refreshing and it makes you feel like a princess afterwards...I used to have a hair spa too, but one parlor mishap is enough for me, one gay attendant misunderstood me and gave me hair straightening, and I hated my hair since, it's too straight and I feel like I'm wearing a wig!

thanks for dropping by my blog!