Wednesday, February 3

Nick Jr. - Team Umizoomi

My four year old was screaming this morning asking me if she could watch Umizoomi. What is Umizoomi? She said, "Mommy, it's in Nick Jr!" Whew! sometimes it is hard to keep up with what your toddler learns everyday.

I went to Nick Jr. and there is Umizoomi indeed. This morning we watched in the TV Team Umizoomi for the first time. I wanted to see what the program is all about to make sure that it is suitable for my daughter. If Dora is good, this is too! Team Umizoomi teaches kids shapes, and especially Math. This morning their show is about Dinosaurs, shapes and numbers. This is Gabz new favorite show. She could watch it over and over.

On Nick Jr. website they also gives tips on how parents could boost their child Math powers through daily activities. I learned a lot of tips from them. They also have suggested activities, crafts and games!

This is not a sponsored post nor I gain anything writing this. I just love Nick Jr. because my daughter love their programs and she learned a lot from them.

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shydub said...

habang lumalaki talaga mga anak natinm daming nadidiskobre, tayo pa tinuturuan. haays