Saturday, February 6

What do you want this Valentine?

Valentines Day is something we look forward to every year, especially during boyfriend / girlfriend stage. We love to surprised our partners on this special day. When my husband was still my boyfriend, I love to shower him with cards and presents. Him on the other hand shower me with songs and poems. She used to sung to me every night on the phone before we go to sleep. Hmmm, I missed those years! Now that we are in our marriage stage, we kind of make it simpler (which is not supposed to be the way, right?) But one thing did not change, he always give me flowers on all occasions :-) Flowers always melts my heart, no matter what kind it is. Kahit gumamela man yan!

This Valentines Day, I only wanted a romantic dinner with him! But with two kids, it will just be a dream. Or maybe, we could have a family romantic dinner instead :-)

So, what do you want to do this valentines day?

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eva said...

sweet naman ni hubby =)