Sunday, March 7

She has ear infection!

I was so scared when last Tuesday morning, Andi was running a fever of 102.8. It was her first time to have high fever. Even Gabz seldom got a fever as high as this. Just imagine how freaked out I was. I immediately called her pediatrician and asked if we could come in on that day. Good thing they accommodated us. Found out that Andi has an ear infection, she had runny nose and a little cough for almost a week now. That might have caused the infection. She don't pull her ear or something, that is why I did not have any clue that she was having an ear infection. Ear infection is very common to baby's and children, and usually just go away on it's own. But the question is; is it just an ear infection or there is something more going on with her?

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Dhemz said...

oh my gosh,...kawawa naman si little andy....hope she gets better very soon....

thanks sa dalaw teMel....hahaha...natatawa ako sa comment mo...dko pwede mag garage sale kasi wala kaming gamit na ititinda....ehhehehe...kunti lang kaya gamit namin...some of our old clothes na donate na!