Thursday, April 15

Tulip Festival 2010

It was now two years in a row that we went to Tulips Festival in Skagit here in Washington. This year we had the perfect timing because the tulips are in full bloom and some of them are still blooming. Last year, when we went there all of them are already in full bloom and most had been harvested. The kids had a great time!

Gabz got confused which color she would pick to have her picture taken. LOL ! Actually she wanted to be in purple tulips, but since that was quite far her dad asked her to pose beside the yellow tulips...this is her reaction.

A family picture, how come I was sleeping? Hmm maybe tulips made me sleepy :-) Just kidding, they are so beautiful, that I ended up buying two bunches of tulips and ordered 50 bulbs to be delivered by Oct.

I love this shot! The kids enjoyed watching the kite. Actually they started running underneath them after a long walk at the tulips field. Miki even asked his dad to buy one.

We had a great time and hungry after a while. We headed to lunch at the famous grilled salmon in the middle of the park.


texas_sweetie said...

u r one pretty looking momma, ur kids definitely got ur eyes that look like smiling all the time.

krisel said...

hi ate Mel, your family picture was as lovely as tulips.