Tuesday, May 11

Add some personality on your phone!

I admire some people who put effort on personalizing their stuff. It is like putting your own personality on your phone, computer or car. My niece who is sixteen always said that accessories is necessities. For instance, her phone has personalized ringing tone, a song of her favorite artist, wallpaper of her laptop is her favorite band and her notebooks and bags has accessories that speaks who she is. Knowing her personality, I am sure she would like this ringing tone I wanna go crazy by david guetta. These are the type of music she listens to.

I think this behavior is very common to teenagers of her age. But I was surprised when my husband's phone has personalized ringing tone! His ringing tone is a Beatles song (he is one big fan of Beatles).

I think it is cool to have a special ringing tone in your mobile phone. Wherever you are, you would know if your phone is ringing because of that special tone.

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