Sunday, May 9

I am having a great weekend!

I had a great Mother's Day weekend! We started Saturday, husband cooking breakfast after that a Family walk at the park. We watched a movie Iron Man together with the kids and went shopping after that.

Sunday, I woke up late (the was the greatest treat!) and as I walked down the stairs, I saw a bunch of flowers, chocolate and card on the steps!!! Hubby was so sweet :-) he and Andi woke up so early to go to the store to buy those stuff while I was still sleeping. Then he made breakfast again. I was treated like a Queen this two days. I could not ask for more. Then we went to church and have lunch, after that hubby bought me a sunglasses as a gift this mother's day. He cooked a sumptuous dinner; steak, grilled chicken and asparagus, with matching wine !!! Gosh, this is my first time to be treated like this. How I wish it is Mother's Day everyday !

And lot's and lot's of hugs and kisses from my two kids and of course hubby two. Hay, being a mom is truly wonderful :-)

Anyone wants to share their Mother's Day treat?

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