Friday, June 18

Father's Day Gift!

Father's day is on Sunday, did you grab something for Dad? Do you know that some mobile phone companies are offering some great deals this Father's Day weekend? They even offer a free phone for this weekend only. Mobile phone is a great gift for Dad, and while you grab one for him, why don't you go an extra mile and personalize that phone just for him. You can download his favorite song and make it his personalize ringing tones or dial tones. You can also put some games in that mobile phone to entertain Dad or to help him relax. I am sure he would love to have some music in his phones too. Try the Katy perry ringtones in his mobile phone, but I don't think he will like it. But I know one person who would love this kind of ringing tone. My niece who likes this kind of music will love to have California Gurls ringing tone in her mobile phone. You know why, I always hear her sing that song, and she went crazy when Katy Perry sung this song during the Movie MTV awards. I can't blame her, Katy Perry is good and sexy too.

So kids, if you cannot make up your mind on what to give to Dad on Sunday, just grab his old phone and change his ringing tone or dial tone. This will surprise him, and that single moment of smile on his face will be the best gift you can give.

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MinnieRunner said...

Belated Happy Father's Day! I really don't spend anything special that day, my father is already with God, I just attended the Sunday mass.