Wednesday, June 2

Garden make over!

Summer is almost here and we need to start doing some gardening. Last weekend, we had a three days break because of the Memorial Day, hubby was able to maw the lawn that has overgrown now. Our grass got yellow at the bottom because he was not able to cut the grass for a couple of weeks! Our grass is always green to it's fullest and we really took the time to maintain that color. But last few weeks was so busy and raining that we were not able to maintain it. Well, I was able to plant a couple of Azalea in the garden (with blooming flowers) and it looks pretty. Those flowers gave a little lift on my garden because of it's bright color. My other flowers has already grown, but the buds had just started to come out. The front garden was looking good and I can't wait for the flowers to bloom.

The next thing I need to do is plant some flowers and put garden furniture in the backyard. Our backyard is bare right now, I wanted to see some colors on it every time I look out at the kitchen window. Some furniture for the summer will be perfect. We always love to invite friends to come over, barbecue in the backyard and kids could play in the portable swimming pool.

This garden furniture above will be perfect for entertaining guest over the weekend.

I am sure everyone will love to lounge in this steamer chair and get some tan.

Summer here in Seattle is only three months, so we might as well enjoy every single day. A stroll in the park, going to the lake, hiking, or just sitting at the backyard enjoying the sun!

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