Wednesday, June 2

SHREK @ Memorial Day Weekend

We watched SHREK last Monday at Pacific Science Center IMAX 3D theater. The screen is six stories high (60 feet) and 80 feet wide with 12,000 watts of stereo sound. It was a rare experienced and Gabby loves it so much! Andi on the other hand was in a far far away land. She slept throughout the movie, it was rather good since I was able to concentrate on the movie itself.

Prior to that, we explore the Science Center and was so amazed with the gravity mirror. We took a couple to pictures in there. I will post it as soon as hubby finish uploading in my computer. The kids enjoyed the butterfly pavilion too, Gabz was able to took some pictures of the butterflies. She was so proud of those pictures that she took. Her Dad taught her how to take pictures and stuff, so I will not wonder if one of these days, her dad will buy her own camera!

I bought a couple of books about Dinosaur a few weeks back, and it was a good timing when we visit the Science Center and introduce Gabz once more to those huge Dinosaur display. She particularly love the T-Rex because of those small hands that they have. But got scared when the mechanical Dinosaur roared ! Her Dad has to assured her that those are mechanical Dinosaur and are not real.

I will post pictures next time!

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