Friday, June 18

Protect your home

Despite of economic crisis in the housing industry, there are a lot of community being built here in our area. The community we lived in is a very new one, just a couple of years old. I did not even know most of our neighbors because most people are so busy with their lives and seldom have the time to step outside of their houses or even say hello to their new neighbors. The other day, while doing a little gardening in our front garden, I was able to have a chat with one of our neighbors. He then informed me that one of the houses on the next block had a break-in in the middle of broad daylight! I think the thief thought that no one is inside the house or that everybody went to work.

Good thing though that this house has Broadview home security (Check out their website to find out more Someone inside the house was alerted and I think the thief panicked too and run away. Luckily, someone is inside the house, and that they have home security
I was a little concerned that this kind of crime do exist in this new, very quiet community. I think it is true then that there is no safe place in this world. Just imagine, what if that house has no home security and the person inside the house is all alone? I don't think I want to imagine what could have happened. Several unimaginable things could happened and that is because someone had chosen your house to break into.

Having a home security will put your mind at ease, either you are inside or outside of your home. It feels good knowing that someone is watching over your back day and night.

Here is a good read from on how to keep your home safe.

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