Monday, July 12

Feeling so quilty :-(

I feel so guilty that I have not been active as I used to be in this blog. I admit that I seldom update nor visit my two blogs for a few months now. I just got so busy with school, house and kids right now. It is quiet hard to juggle all of the above.

As I mentioned on my previous post before, I took online classes in the beginning of spring and I think this will take me at least a year to finish this program. I did not expect that I will have tons of assignments and reading materials to deal with. Online classes is pretty cool because you can study on your own time, but the only thing they did not tell you is that, they give a magnitude of assignments! Despite of all my complaints and rants, I am just loving online classes. It feels great to be back in school (even though online), and to have something to occupy my mind aside from household chores.

I am so glad that I decided to enroll in this online program. Two quarters more to go ! :-)

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