Monday, July 12

Helping out with Girl Scouts

Guest post written by Lisa Wilson

I’ve been involved with the Girl Scouts since I can remember and have loved almost every minute of it. (I’m not a huge fan of camping.) Once I had daughters I got them involved and eventually became a troop leader. Now both of my daughters are in college, but I still serve as a leader for a local Brownie troop. I see this as a way to bide my time before my daughters settle down and I become a granparent.

At a meeting a few months ago one of the girls asked me about a craft they were working on for a badge but I couldn’t understand or hear what she was saying. Some small kids tend to be soft-spoken so I’m somewhat used to it, but I was having an especially hard time hearing her.

When I got home I told my husband about it and he said that maybe I should get a hearing aid. I didn’t expect to need one for years, but thought that something like this shouldn’t be put off. So I looked up information online about miracle ear cost.

I got fitted with a hearing aid and haven’t had any more trouble hearing shy Brownies.

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