Tuesday, July 20

Mailboxes of your choice!

Yesterday, we took a walk in our neighborhood and the nearby community. On our way to the other community, my daughter saw this funny looking mailbox along the road. She was so thrilled to see a mailbox with a face draw on it, just like the talking mailbox in the kids show Blues Clue. As we walked along, she started to compare mailboxes in the neighborhood. Some goes with the traditional box, some put pictures, statues, and designs that sometimes you could hardly known that it is a mailbox.

You will be surprised that some people give character and personality to their mailboxes. The type of personality that reflects the type of people who lived in the house. Some made them custom made to go with the style of their property, would it be commercial or residential. I would love to create or design our own mailbox, unfortunately it is located in one place together with the rest of the community.

If you have a new property and thinking of getting your own commercial mailboxes, try checking out mailbox exchange. They have a lot of selection that will surely fit your taste and needs. They also have residential mailboxes for those people who have new houses, just moving in or for those who wanted to replace their mailboxes. Mailboxes needs to be sturdy to withstand the weather for the years to come. So, in case you want to get your own mailbox, buy something that would last for ages. Give style and character to your mailboxes, it will be fun!

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