Tuesday, July 20

Picnic at the Park

Now I could say that summer is really here in Seattle. It has been a week now that the sun is out everyday. The temperature is fantastic, on the 70's, not so hot and not cold either. Just perfect to have picnic at the park. During summer time, there are a lot of things, you can do with your family without spending much money. And since there is no school, kids tends to get bored at home with nothing else to do. Bring them to the beach or the lake, and they will surely have a great time playing at the sand or just bring their bike and have fun at the park. The park is one of the favorite places for kids.

Last weekend, together with our friends, we decided to spend time at the park rather than the usual gathering in our houses. We did have a great time, eventhough we took us an hour to light the barbecue grill.

Here are some of the pictures taken by hubby and Mel.

Barbecue and grilled pusit! Yummy :-)

The BFF.

Who says that kids could only enjoy the bubbles?

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