Tuesday, July 27

Security Issues in the House

This summer, most people tend to become lenient when it comes to the security of their house. These are a few things I noticed this past few days in our community, and I am sure you will noticed the same in your neighborhood.

1. People tend to open their windows during the day or night. During the day, this is ok because we wanted to get some air due to this humid weather. But during the night, I don't think this is a good idea, no matter how hot or humid the temperature is. Thieves and burglars is always waiting for this kind of opportunity to attack us and our property.

2. I noticed with some of our neighbors, that sometimes they forgot to close their garage door. I think, we should be very much attentive in making sure that garage door is always close every time we come in or out of the house.

3. Front porch light should always be on at night. This will at least make bad people to have second thoughts in getting inside the house, because they know that someone is inside.

4. Always check that all doors are lock before you go to bed. If you have alarm system, make sure that it is on or functioning properly.

These are very basic things that we should be doing everyday, but sometimes due to busy activities or we got so tired at the end of the day that we forget to check these things.

Be safe always and have a fun summer !!!

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