Tuesday, July 27

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Thanks for the guest post by Jenny Morrow

Children should be aware of the dangers of summertime, however; at the same time, they should also be able to have fun and play outdoors throughout the summer months. When sending kids outside, there are precautions parents can take to ensure their safety.

High SPF sunscreen is important to prevent sunburns. Sunburns are very painful for children and can be traumatic. If your child does get bad sunburn, aloe vera oil works the best to ease the pain. If the sunburn starts to blister, the child needs to seek medical attention as this could lead to very serious burns and scars.

When boating or doing any other activity on a lake or the river, it is important that children wear life preservers. No matter how strong of a swimmer the child is, there is still a strong possibility of drowning should they get into water that is too deep or current that is too strong for them. If it is a small child, it is also a good idea to keep them in a life preserver even in the shallow waters of a swimming pool. Drowning accidents happen far too often and the child is usually found when it is too late.

Preventing injuries is one aspect of child safety during the summer, but sometimes, that protection should start at home. If children are going to be home alone during any time, a home security alarm can be beneficial, to prevent break ins or even kids sneaking out. We found out where to get the best security alarm systems around Columbusand it has been working great.

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