Thursday, September 2

Look Good in Custom Made Scrubs

Every time we saw people wearing a scrub, we always assume that this person works in medical field. Scrubs is like a tag that connects people in hospitals and clinics. We used to see medical personnel wearing baggy pants and tops that sometimes out of proportions. No offense to people who works in medical field. But those days had passed, now medical people could have custom scrubs or custom made scrubs to fit their sizes and style. Now, women could even have designer scrubs that could suit to their fashion preferences. So much has changed when it comes to uniforms in medical field. At least now, medical personnel could feel better wearing their uniforms, they could wear it with confidence and style.

A few months from now, I expect to get my certificate in medical field. After that, I am hoping to get a job in hospital or clinic. I am delighted that finally one of my dreams is starting to come true. Helping people and caring for those who are in need of care is one of my biggest dream since I was a child, and that dream is about to happen soon!

But I cannot imagine myself wearing a scrub or any uniform there is. But, I am sure I will enjoy wearing them when the time comes. I think it would not hurt to check out some stores that sells medical scrubs and uniform. Blue Sky Scrubs has lots of scrub varieties and uniforms. I just love their scrub hats! It is so colorful that you can pick one in every season. I would strongly suggest checking out their Pixie Scrub Hat collection. They are just beautiful.

This is one medical uniforms store I will always remember for future needs.

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